Here is a list of the books I am currently working on, and how far along they are:


A Kaiju Thriller | FIRST DRAFT
53% Complete
37,000 of 70,000 words
Description: When a previously undiscovered giant life form is discovered frozen beneath the ice in Antarctica, it changes the world's assumptions of how the dinosaurs became extinct. When the giant creature awakens, mankind faces its own extinction.


A Superhuman Thriller | FIRST DRAFT
43% Complete
30,000 of 70,000 words
Description: When an unforeseen meteor shower strikes the Eastern Seaboard, it bring with it a virus in the form of a black mist that kills seven of ten infected, and gives one in ten superhuman abilities.

The Divinity Hammer: Slate Brunswick

A Western Fantasy | Stage: FIRST DRAFT
9% Complete
5,600 of 60,000 words
Description: What if the fairy races had been a part of the Wild West?