(All Ages. Follows ‘A Storm of Dragons’; Novella of 115 Pages; Junior Fantasy Fiction)

Leaping out of the pages of the epic fantasy novel A STORM OF DRAGONS, the popular character Roam “the Gnome” Skylorne gets his first solo adventure in this story written for both children and adults!

Where did Dazzle the Gully Gnome come from?

Before Roam can find out, she has come and gone, but not without stealing his magical bracelet. Now he has to find her and get the bracelet back before Dazzle uses its magic to wreak havoc throughout Erodore! Can Roam overcome many obstacle to win out the day, or will he become a smelly ogre’s dinner?

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Below are some quotes from people who have read the book:

I love all the Legends books by Peter Dutcher! They are well written and a delight to read. My only complaint is that the series is so new I ran out of books to read! Ah well, I will try to wait for the next installment…5 Stars

My father was an avid reader of sci-fi and fantasy, and this book has started me on the same path. A delightful, fun story about Roam the Gnome, a young gnome who seems both innocent and mischievous, but discovers his one true love and meets many wonderful, quirky people along the way. I’m only 15, well, almost 15, and because of this book I also read the much longer book A Storm of Dragons. I can tell dad I have a favorite writer now!” 5 Stars

“I love Dazzle the Gnome! My kind of gal!!!!” 4 Stars