(All Ages. Follows ‘A Storm of Dragons’; Full-length novel of 274 Pages; EPIC FANTASY/CHRISTIAN EPIC FANTASY)


In the days following an unusually severe storm, during which his sailboat sank, Noah Budaee washes up on the shores of a tiny seaport town, only to find he has left Earth behind and entered the world of Jennai, a land filled with magical creatures and ruled over by the Greek gods of myth.

Stranded on a world whose existence goes against everything he believes, Noah finds himself hunted by the gods, battling bizarre monsters, and making the most unlikely of friends as he tries to find his way back home.

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Below are some of the things that readers of The Wiles of Devils have said:

“I’m not a Christian, and so I was hesitant to read this book, but after reading A Storm of Dragons, I needed more! I’m so glad I took the time to read this! I did not find it preachy at all. Everything flows. There is excitement, intrigue and great characterizations.” 5 Stars

“This is the second book written by Peter Dutcher that I have read, the first was A Storm of Dragons and I loved it. That book was clean, and as a Christian, I prefer good fantasy stories with no cussing and no sex. I expected this book to be tied directly to the other…but it wasn’t, not directly. In fact, none of the characters from A Storm of Dragons are in this book! That’s okay though, because it introduced me to new characters to fall in love with, and the end of the story ties both books together in a nice little bow! I would highly recommend this book to anyone, any age, any belief.” 5 Stars

I enjoyed this story so much that I read it in one night!” 5 Stars

I was introduced to Peter Dutcher’s books with A Storm of Dragons, and I can honestly say The Wiles of Devils was a transformative experience. I’m hooked on this author!” 5 Stars