(All Ages; 627 Pages; EPIC FANTASY)


After the last mages sacrificed themselves long ago to end a war against the Queen of Dragons and her hatchlings, Erodore became a land free of both dragons and magic. Thus it has remained for nearly fifty years–or so the people believed. But nothing can halt the winds of change. When the Queen of Dragons was imprisoned within the heart of a volcano, it was a measure that could not last forever. Eventually, she would find a way to free herself. The leaders of Erodore could only hope to find a way of defeating her before such a time arrived. For fifty years, the prophets and the leaders of Erodore search for any means of victory against the Queen of Dragons, even as the people grew complacent in a time of peace.

As the only surviving descendants of Towroth Mages, Fera and Teynor Oneheart live a simple life in the Whispering Peaks of Milanadore-until the fateful night when the Queen of Dragons returns with an army of black dragons to destroy Milanadore. The survivors, made refugees, flee for their lives. Among them, Teynor and Fera find themselves at odds a prophecy that puts the weight of saving the people of Erodore on their shoulders

They are not heroes. They are barely more than children living in a world that needs magic to survive. And as the kingdoms struggle against the new dragon threat, these two young people play a key role on an expedition to find the Magic of the Lost Kings…and the world will be changed forever.

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Below are some quotes from people who have read the book:

I read this in a gale of pages and enjoyed the rapid pace.. It was fun to read and I wanted to finish the next in the same way.5 Stars

“A Storm of Dragons was an amazing read! As a Christian, I find it hard to find good, clean fiction with no swearing and still get a truly enjoyable story. This book did all of that! I loved Roam the Gnome. I loved Teynor. Honestly, I pretty much loved every character in the book, including the Queen of Dragons!” 5 Stars

I liked this book, it had a good fantasy sort line without being just a battle strategy book. I think younger readers would find it entertaining.” 4 Stars

An interesting an enthralling story, somewhere between JRR Tolkein and Anne McCaffrey. The characters fill the story with intrigue and emotion, and there is plenty of action... it is very readable and enjoyable.4 Stars